Weight Loss and Dieting In The New Year

Weight loss and dieting can be a constant struggle but lose weight and feel great in 2021 . I know many people don’t make new year resolutions while others do. Whether you do or you don’t, losing weight can be a challenging but rewarding feat. Many people’s health issues are a direct result of obesity and being overweight. Diabetes, high cholesterol and a plethora of other health problems is related to being overweight. Simply losing weight can greatly help with health issues. Losing Weight can clearly make you feel better both physically and mentally.

Why Losing Weight Is So Difficult

When you attempt to lose weight your mindset and frame of mind wants to fight you. Mentally your brain wants resort back to your original weight. People who are obese that have had great results in losing weight often find it to be short lived. Losing a lot of weight and not being able to maintain that weight is fairly common. What you eat and how you eat does matters. It takes less calories to maintain a certain weight compared to someone who maintains that exact weight.

Family Genes and Healthy Food Choices

Genetics and family history play a big and important role in losing weight. Everyones genes are different and there’s no one size that fits all. Lifestyle changes along with smart food choices also play a critical role in your health. You will find as you apply these smart food to your diet, your body will slowly adjust. You will find you start to look and feel better. Loosing weight can be a difficult task but definitely not impossible. No matter how many times you may fall short of your initial goals, any weight loss is a step in the right direction. Loosing weight is a very challenging but yet a very rewarding. You only get one life and one body so make the best of it. Happy New Year.

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